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Hot Weather     –     Management are well aware of the discomfort hot weather brings while playing netball  and we take steps to ensure that such discomfort is kept to a minimum.

For example,

  • We have more ‘time-outs’ called by umpires/team captains for drinks.
  • Encourage the use of more substitute players.
  • Parents and coaches can also help by ensuring that all players keep up their fluid levels; before, during and after they participate.

The games –  may be cancelled  –  by Marleston  –  if temperature above 36 degrees C or greater at 6pm  –  for   –    Adelaide Airport    –  according to Bureau of Meteorology   (Adelaide Airport)

PLEASE NOTE:  If games are to be cancelled, the supervisor  will  telephone or text each teams’ secretary to cancel games.

This Policy has been developed taking into consideration the following:

Sports Medicine Australia guidelines;  As we operate in an outdoor environment; Drinking water is available in the Canteen; The programs are generally not held during the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm); Duration and intensity of the activity.


Wet Weather     –     Should there be lightning or a downpour, games will cease.    If there is a bad storm predicted then the supervisor will telephone each teams’ secretary to cancel games.